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Details Apparel-Merchandising-The-Line-Starts-Here

Apparel Merchandising Adopting a comprehensive approach to apparel merchandising from the perspective of the apparel producer, this text covers men's tailored clothing, men's and women's sportswear and activewear, and children's wear, in domestic and ...

139,88 EUR*
Details Ready-To-Wear-Apparel-Analysis

For introductory fashion courses focusing on apparel evaluation, design, production, and merchandising. Taking a product development approach, this text provides beginning fashion merchandising students with an understanding of the mass production ...

61,44 EUR*
Details Going-Global-The-Textile-and-Apparel-Industry

Going Global Provides a framework for understanding globalization in the field of textile and apparel from the perspective of not only business, but the major constituencies affected by world trade. Topics addressed include: economic, business ...

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Details Whites-Chefs-Apparel-A897Wasserdichtes-Ltzchen-Schrze-wei

Wasserfeste Schuerzen. In zwei Farben erhaeltlich. Abmessung 70x100cm. Weiss.